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Addiction Recovery Guide

Addiction causes a domino effect, starting with the addict and then negatively affecting anyone close to the user. Substance abuse disorder (SUD) directly manipulates the signals in the brain’s pathways and dopamine levels. Users are hooked to the temporary pleasant sensations inflicted by the drug, establishing tolerance. Once dopamine, also known as the happy chemical, is activated enough times by the use of the drug, then the neurotransmitters start to depend on the substance. Sunshine Care Centers offers resources and a useful addiction recovery guide to individuals from all walks of life. Our mission is to help you overcome abuse and restore your brain to functioning correctly.

First Step to Recovery 

Choosing a rehabilitation wellness center may seem daunting, but working with professionals who can properly address your symptoms increases the chance of sustaining sobriety. Taking the initial steps into the treatment process include: 

  • Admission: Enrolling at Sunshine Care Centers is a process that includes making potential patients feel comfortable and helping them feel understood during this challenging decision. We realize that addiction is experienced differently by everyone, which is why we offer unique programs and services to grant patients the options they deserve. From music therapy to EMDR therapy, our medical staff has you covered. 
  • Assessment: After a person is enrolled and accepted, then trained professionals will determine the needs of the patient while considering and applying the recovery goals of the individual. Assessing the user means gathering information on what drug is being abused, the duration and frequency of use, and the severity of the symptoms. The treatment plan is finalized soon after the process. 
  • Medical Detox: The detoxification process is essential. Patients are safely guided through the withdrawal symptoms caused by substance abuse. The body eliminates harmful toxins during the detox, which can be intense, and having a trained medical staff ensures effective treatment. 
  • Therapy: Therapeutic methods include individual and group therapy which grant the opportunity to the patient to freely express their thoughts and emotions. Skills are learned, practiced, and applied to help an individual manage their emotions and behavior during times of temptation. 

At Sunshine Care Centers, patients can work under a flexible schedule or an intensively supervised treatment. The goal is to get to the root cause of the abuse, working from the ground up. Moreover, it gives options to people such as parents of addicts, couples, or parents with addiction the opportunities they need to succeed. 

Types of Treatment

The medical team at Sunshine Care Centers is well prepared to work with parents with addiction, couples, and families. In addition, we offer an active duty and veterans program to help our brave soldiers who suffer from trauma and rely on substances as a coping mechanism.

During circumstances such as parents struggling with a teenager using drugs, we will discuss the way to approach and how to talk to teenagers about drugs. It’s essential to build a support system during these hardships to avoid emotional instability or depressive episodes. Likewise, the link between childhood trauma and addiction is explained while new skills and prevention plans are established.  

How do we help these challenging situations? We provide the services and therapeutic methods necessary to overcome addiction and mend relationships. These therapy programs include: 

  • Music therapy
  • EMDR therapy 
  • Trauma therapy 
  • Family group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy 

Recovering as an individual as well as recovering as a family is vital. Medical professionals can examine behaviors and patterns that may contribute to addiction during these programs. Recovering from SUD is a life-long journey but well worth it! An addiction recovery guide is an excellent place to start to receive the information and resources you need to begin the process.

Resources & Recovery at Sunshine Care Centers 

We offer an addiction recovery guide to provide helpful information about couple’s drug treatment, family scenarios, veterans in recovery, and much more. If you or a loved one is struggling with adverse side effects caused by substance abuse, don’t wait to get medical attention and begin your recovery journey. Receiving the proper care can save you from long-term health complications, overdose, financial crisis, or other addiction-related dilemmas. Our experienced medical staff is prepared to guide you through the treatment process now. 

Don’t hesitate to learn more at Sunshine Care Centers or contact us and speak to a specialist today. Ask about our intensive outpatient program to get started! 

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