Couples Rehab

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Couples Rehab

When two people decide to make the combined effort to seek a couples rehab to recover from addiction, they are likely to face more challenges than withdrawal symptoms. The reason for these issues stems from a long-term relationship founded on substance abuse. In these cases, both partners struggle to discontinue alcohol or drug use and have difficulty connecting with one another. 

Typically, the couple will require drug misuse to display affection toward one another, but there are adverse actions that happen due to substance abuse. In this case, attending couples’ inpatient rehab is highly recommended to avoid long-term health complications and mend or strengthen a relationship. 

Can Couples Go to Rehab Together? 

A partner who is undergoing physical or verbal abuse may opt-out of couples rehab. However, many couples who seek recovery together are able to do so by attending the same treatment program. A licensed therapist will work with the couple and teach new communication skills that will encourage the two to continuously motivate each other. Therapy for couples may include: 

  • Group therapy 
  • Music therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy 
  • Couples behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT methods are often specifically used to treat one partner in a relationship with substance abuse disorder (SUD). Couples rehabilitation centers will offer programs where the couple can spark romance and practice communication to build trust. The goal is to get to the root of each individual’s cause of addiction and learn to apply methods that positively distract the mind so they can sustain a healthy relationship centered on love and sobriety. 

The Benefits of a Couples Drug Rehab 

Partners will learn a lot more about one another during the treatment process. For instance, childhood trauma and addiction go hand in hand. Trauma therapy is advised for the couple if one or both partners experienced hardships that triggered their abuse. During treatment, couples tend to strengthen their relationship due to a better understanding of their individual triggers and how they can help avoid them, especially if they are married or live together. Learning coping skills is a significant benefit during rehab for couples. 

In addition to strengthening the personal relationship, other relations are hindered and can be reconciled through therapy treatments. Loved ones from both sides of the couple, like parents, brothers or sisters, and close friends, witness the abuse and are emotionally and mentally affected. The rehab program allows these individuals to come together and bond.  

Substance abuse also causes financial strain, which can quickly destroy a relationship due to continuous high-stress levels. A couples treatment program offers techniques to help the couple recover, prevent relapse, and apply new methods to help save money. 

Couples Rehab in Arlington, TX

At Sunshine Care Centers, we work hard to provide a clean and secure environment for couples to express their thoughts and emotions during treatment. We understand that addiction is experienced differently by everyone, but we are dedicated to safely guiding patients through the detox process and establishing a treatment plan that works to strengthen the relationship of the couples. Don’t wait to receive the help you need to reach your recovery goals. 

Speak to a specialist at Sunshine Care Centers by calling 883-597-CARE or contact us to answer all your questions today! 

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