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At Sunshine Care Centers, we designed our treatment modalities to help with more than just the disorder; we provide the building blocks for improving one’s mental health and well-being. Our specially crafted treatment plans support situations as unique as our patients. Our staff is able and eager to meet a patient’s every need while keeping the patient empowered in their recovery. The following are treatment options that we currently offer at Sunshine Care Centers.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Our staff has over 30 years of experience in evidence-based treatment. This treatment is a blanket program that includes a number of our other therapy services, such as CBT and DBT. Evidence-based treatment modalities are the most rigorously researched and tested group of therapies in the market. The Five A’s represent the foundational structure upon which these therapies are based.

The Five A’s are:

  1. “ASK” the clinical question that applies to the client.
  2. “ACQUIRE” the most relevant and best evidence to answer the question.
  3. “APPRAISE” the evidence for validity, relevance, and applicability.
  4. “APPLY” the evidence, along with critical expertise, while keeping in mind the client’s preferences and values.
  5. “ASSESS” the effectiveness and efficiency of the previous four steps, then seek ways to improve the process.

5-Step Treatment Process


In depth assessment and evaluation for best program placement.


Client will be engaged in the recovery process by attending group programming including relapse prevention education and process groups.


Client will be engaged in the recovery process by attending group programming including relapse prevention education and process groups.


Client will be engaged in an individualized case management process that will include recovery planning and future development needs based on the individuals goals and needs.


Client will engage in the therapeutic and counseling process through individual therapy, counseling, family therapy.


After successfully completing their treatment program, client will be engaged in alumni and community support provided to them while in treatment.

What to expect?

A supportive and caring treatment experience uniquely developed to cater to the individual’s success. We provide a safe environment where one can address their trauma and struggles without fear of judgment.

Relapse Prevention & Life Skills

Sunshine Care Centers focuses on preparing our clients to thrive in the “real world” once they leave our facilities. We focus on education and the development of basic life skills so that the individual is prepared to deal with daily life stressors without the use of drugs and alcohol.

A typical day in treatment, PHP and IOP

Clients arrive at the program 10-15 minutes prior to the start of their clinical day. They will attend various groups ranging from life skills to addiction education and more. Once a week, clients will participate in sober activities where they can learn to apply what they are learning in a social setting and how to engage and be social without using substances. Clients will also receive lunch where they can enjoy healthy meals and socialize in a safe and caring environment. Clients will also meet with their therapist and counselor/case manager once a week for individualized care sessions.

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