Over 23 million adults in the US have struggled with some form of drug or alcohol dependency. If you suffer from a drug use disorder, you can get a high level of care without committing to residential treatment through the partial hospitalization program (PHP).

1. Offers Intensive Treatment Without the Need for Residential Stay

If you’ve got a job and kids to take care of, it can be hard to commit to an inpatient treatment program, but this doesn’t mean you can’t overcome your drug and alcohol addiction. PHP allows you to receive the highest level of addiction treatment on an outpatient basis.

2. Lower Cost

Inpatient addiction programs tend to cost more due to the inclusion of a room and 24/7 monitoring. Whereas PHP treatment costs less, you will still get intensive care for your addiction. PHP is a great option for people with severe addiction who can’t afford inpatient treatment.

3. More Convenient

Need to continue with work or school while receiving addiction treatment? PHP outpatient alcohol and drug rehab operate for a few hours a day, which can easily fit into your busy schedule. You can attend to your responsibilities while getting treatment.

4. Provides Real-World Experience

Once you’re done with the treatment, it can be hard to stay sober since you’re back in an environment that contributed to your addiction. A PHP allows you to face your stressors daily while giving structured support to build resilience during the treatment sessions.

5. Allows Smooth Transition to Long-Term Recovery

Once you complete an inpatient, you need help to sustain your sobriety. Enrolling in a PHP outpatient drug and alcohol can be beneficial. It eases your sobriety journey as you get out of residential rehab, preventing the risks of a relapse.

6. Lets You Lean on Your Support System

PHP can be an excellent treatment option if you have supportive family and friends who want to see you overcome your addiction. It can help you get personal support from your loved ones while receiving professional addiction care.

At Sunshine Care Centers, we are committed to helping you, or someone you love, overcome mental health concerns and drug and alcohol addiction. Wherever you are in your sobriety journey, we’ll meet you there and help you take the next steps.

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