Couples Rehab

Couples Rehab

When a couple decides to make the combined effort to seek treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol, they are likely to face more challenges than withdrawal symptoms. When couples are in addiction together, they have a third partner: the drug. When the drug is removed, the pair may have difficulty relating to or communicating with one another.

Commonly, the pair have not experienced displaying affection or adoration to one another without the use of drugs or alcohol. In many ways, they build their relationship back up from ground zero. That is why we recommend couples’ inpatient rehab to strengthen their relationship and avoid long-term damage from extended drug use.

Can Couples Go to Rehab Together?

There is a chance that one or both coupled individuals are abusing each other in myriad ways during active addiction. If that is the case, it may not be appropriate for them to attend a rehabilitation center together. Otherwise, many couples seek recovery together and are able to do so by attending the same treatment program. When in treatment together, a licensed therapist will work with the couple to develop communication skills that will encourage and support the recovery they both seek. Therapy for the couple may include:

  • Group therapy 
  • Music therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy 
  • Couples behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy methods are often used to treat one or both members of the relationship suffering from substance abuse. Through our couples rehabilitation programs, we offer therapies that can spark romance and enhance communication to build trust in this new life they’re starting. The goal is to get to the root of an individual’s addiction and learn to apply methods to sustain a healthy relationship centered on love and sobriety.

The Benefits of Couples Substance Abuse Treatment

During treatment, partners will learn more about one another to create better communication and understanding. For instance,  childhood trauma and addiction go hand in hand. Trauma therapy is advised for the couple if one or both have experienced hardships that triggered their abuse. During treatment, couples gain a better understanding of their partner’s triggers and how to avoid them. Learning coping skills benefits the couple significantly inside and outside of treatment.

In addition to strengthening their relationship, the couple will see relationships with friends and family become healthier through treatment. Loved ones from both sides of the couple frequently witness the drug abuse and are emotionally, mentally, and sometimes financially impacted. This treatment program allows all affected individuals to come together and heal.

Substance abuse can also cause financial strain within the relationship, which can quickly deteriorate due to its high-stress levels. A couples treatment program offers techniques to help the couple recover, prevent relapse, and learn methods to heal their financial situation.

Couples Rehab at Sunshine Care Centers

At Sunshine Care Centers, we work hard to provide a clean and secure environment for couples to express their thoughts and emotions during treatment. We understand that addiction looks different for everyone. We are dedicated to safely guiding patients through detox and establishing a treatment plan to strengthen and heal their lives.

Don’t wait to receive the help you deserve to reach your recovery goals. Speak to a specialist at Sunshine Care Centers by calling 883-597-CARE or send us a message today! 

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