Simple 3-Stage Admissions Process

Whether you or a loved one needs support, Sunshine Care Centers is here to help. The intake process is quick and easy. Our friendly and professional admission coordinators are available around the clock and are eager to assist. Our staff will walk with you hand in hand through every step of the process.

Experienced Staff

Sunshine Care Centers utilizes innovative approaches to design a mental health or drug and alcohol treatment plan specific to your needs. Your recovery is our primary objective. Our multidisciplinary team of highly trained specialists will provide a safe and secure environment to help you bridge the gap between today and your future.

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Your journey to recovery begins as soon as you ask for help – we can take care of the rest. Sunshine Care Centers will ensure you have the tools and support necessary to recover and empower yourself. Sign up below to ensure a brighter tomorrow for yourself or a loved one.

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We Accept A Variety of Insurance Carriers

Our knowledgeable staff is skilled at working with various insurance providers and our goal is to make the process as simple and convenient as possible so you can focus on your or your loved one’s recovery.