Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

One of the most popular services offered at our rehabilitation centers is the intensive outpatient program. We pride ourselves on an IOP program that provides a comprehensive, concentrated, and empathetic therapeutic environment. Our program was created to equip patients with the necessary tools to reintroduce them into society with the ability to endure any temptation that may occur when they leave the facility.

Sunshine Care Centers is proud of our suite of support professionals, which includes psychologists, nurses, and mental health and addiction specialists. Our team has over 30 years of experience and gives patients a well-rounded approach to mental health and addiction treatment. Please continue reading below to learn more about what is to be expected from our intensive outpatient programs.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

An intensive outpatient program, or IOP, is a structured program used to support patients by addressing any underlying issues contributing to their drug addiction or mental health issues. With our intensive outpatient program, patients can continue to participate in their daily affairs, like work and school, while also receiving the assistance of our professionals. IOP is recommended for people that do not require detoxification or round-the-clock supervision.

While there is an inherent structure to IOP, it is flexible enough for patients to fit it into their pre-existing schedules. Since IOP takes place during business hours, patients may need to adjust their hours, but they can continue to work if they choose to do so. The flexibility of IOP allows them time to spend with friends and family during their recovery journey.

For many, IOP is more accessible than inpatient treatment. It is far easier to spare a few hours per day than to suspend your personal and professional life for months at a time.

A Supportive Team of Mental Health Providers

Recovering from addiction or mental health issues is challenging. It is more difficult when you try to go at it alone. When someone chooses to participate in an intensive outpatient program, they support their journey to freedom and recovery. It is invaluable in the recovery process to have a team of medical and therapeutic professionals on your side.

When you choose to work with Sunshine Care Centers, you have a suite of professionals focused solely on your success. Each team member will work collaboratively with one another and the patient to provide the best possible care and chance of recovery.

Similar to IOP, standard outpatient treatment connects patients with mental health providers, but generally only one-on-one. With the more intensive treatment provided with IOP, more team members are at your back, potentially helping you heal more effectively.

A Built-in Support Network

There is no more important choice in early recovery than deciding what support system to implement. When someone decides to try an intensive outpatient program, they are choosing to work with a team of professionals and peer support groups sharing the same struggles.

A peer support group is invaluable as it reminds the patient that they are not alone and that there is hope. Collaborating freely with others overcoming the same conditions you struggle with can be the ultimate game-changer. These profound connections are frequently maintained outside the therapeutic environment, which can support long-term recovery.

Quick Access to 12-Step Programs and Other Resources

The maintenance phase kicks in when the inpatient portion of treatment is over. Recovery is an ongoing journey, and it is expected that patients will likely still need help after leaving inpatient treatment. That is where IOP steps up to the plate. Although a patient does not need to first participate in PHP or inpatient treatment to utilize IOP, it is a great transition program for those who do.

Our IOP program connects patients with an external therapist, support groups, and 12-step programs where applicable. With these external connections, our patients are able to maintain the highest level of support once their treatment is over. It can be challenging to find the best mental health support on your own; our programs take that challenge off your plate.

The programs we offer at Sunshine Care Centers help patients build life skills. The vital relationship and vocational skills patients develop with us will help them successfully return to “real life” when they finish treatment.

Access to External Support 

The support of friends and family members can be invaluable when going through the transformative process of recovery from addiction or mental health struggles. Spending time with familiar, supportive individuals can make these profound transitions easier. Access to a patient’s external support system is one of the most significant benefits of IOP and other programs we offer and Sunshine Care Centers.

During inpatient treatment, patients temporarily lose access to their external support systems. The loss of access is a reasonable tradeoff for many since addiction and acute mental health distress can leave them on the verge of death, but some may not find this as beneficial as other options.

Because IOP patients are housed off-site, they can go home to their families and support networks when they are done for the day. For many, this family time is essential and something they will not compromise. At Sunshine Care Centers, we understand that and make flexible programs available when appropriate.

Frequently More Affordable than Residential Treatment

Often people do not seek treatment for their addiction or mental health concerns because it is financially burdensome. In many cases, especially with inpatient treatment, that is true. The facts are that residential mental health and addiction treatment can be too expensive regardless of the treatment facility or insurance.

On the whole, intensive outpatient programs are more affordable. Luckily, at Sunshine Care Centers, we offer a high level of care for every degree of program available. Although you will spend less, you will receive the highest level of care.

Thankfully, many insurance plans cover mental health services, including IOP, which makes this level of care even more affordable.

How Long Does an Intensive Outpatient Program Last? 

Before you start googling “IOP treatment near me,” it is important to know what that level of treatment will entail. You may want to know how much time you will devote to treatment.

This is more complex a question than you might think. It truly depends. At Sunshine Care Centers, we create treatment plans unique to your needs. It is most common for IOP treatment to last for two to five hours a day, several days a week. On the high end, intensive outpatient programs can go as long as 10 hours a day.

IOP treatment takes place as infrequently as three days a week but can be as often as five. The frequency of IOP will depend on the treatment plan created by you and a team of professionals.

Generally speaking, you can expect to be in an intensive outpatient treatment program for eight to twelve weeks depending on your treatment plan. This may seem like a long time, but it is a small commitment to rehaul your life completely.

If you’re unsure if you can devote enough time to an IOP, discuss your time restrictions with our admissions specialists to learn about your options.

Will Insurance Cover an IOP?

In most cases, insurance will provide coverage for an intensive outpatient program. We are here to help with that process. Our admissions coordinators will contact your insurance company on your behalf and discuss what terms apply to the treatment you wish to undergo. No one should have to put themselves in financial distress in order to receive mental health care, and we are here to help.

Who Benefits from IOP?

One of the reasons Sunshine Care Centers offers intensive outpatient programs is because of its significant success in helping those with mental health struggles. IOP is not only for those with drug or alcohol addiction. An intensive outpatient program overseen by our team of professionals will help patients develop the necessary skills to overcome their mental health issues. The combination of group therapy and one-on-one therapy is phenomenal. Our IOP helps with several mental health conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Personality disorders

Addiction IOP Programs at Sunshine Care Centers

One of the primary functions of our IOP is to treat addictions and chemical dependencies. The skills and techniques learned in our intensive outpatient program can be implemented into an individual’s recovery journey. Our program teaches patients the fundamentals of psychoeducation, mindfulness, interpersonal skills, and the means to improve self-esteem.

Aside from being helpful in achieving sobriety, these fundamental building blocks make for a more fulfilling life. Our mental health and drug rehabilitation centers are ready to help you and your family on the road to a more joyful life.

More About Sunshine Care Rehabilitation Centers

Sunshine Care Centers is a rehabilitation center in North Texas and Southern California. We use a proven combination of holistic and traditional treatment methods for those dealing with mental health or addiction concerns. Aside from intensive outpatient programs, we offer partial hospitalization programs for those needing special medical attention or detox.

Some of our highly successful treatment programs include cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR).

Contact us today to learn more about what makes us one of the top drug rehab centers in the nation.