Avoiding Addiction for College Students

A Complete Guide to Avoiding Addiction for College Students

A Complete Guide to Avoiding Addiction for College Students

Did you know that substance use trends for alcohol use, binge drinking, and cocaine use were higher in full-time 18- to 22-year-old university and college students than their same-aged counterparts who were not enrolled in college?

Why does this matter? Well, substance misuse is a strong predictor of student well-being. It’s associated with poorer grades, chronic health problems, and other worsening mental health outcomes. 

If you are a college student or a caretaker of one and looking for tips on how to avoid addiction, then we are here to help. Keep reading for an addiction prevention guide for college students below. 

Let Everyone Know That You Are Not Interested 

As soon as you meet a new group of people or make friends, it’s important to be honest, and upfront with them from the get-go. Yes, this might make you a bit unpopular to start. But it’s worth it if you don’t have to constantly deal with people pressuring you to partake in alcohol or drugs. 

They might say things like marijuana isn’t a harmful drug or it’s a soft drug, so it shouldn’t matter. And everyone is drinking, so you should be drinking, too. But marijuana might be a gateway drug, and just because everyone else is putting their liver in danger doesn’t mean you should as well.

Whatever their arguments, stay strong within your conviction to avoid alcohol and drugs as much as possible. If you are thinking that you can drink a little and still be fine, think again. Alcohol and drug addiction is a slippery slope, especially in college, where peer pressure can be immense and cheap alcohol and drugs are easily accessible. 

It’s better to abstain altogether, even if it means that you would have to avoid certain people at certain times or certain events. 

Find Other Fun Healthy Activities to Occupy Your Time

Worried that your college life is going to become drab and boring? That’s not true.

When you are not dealing with hangovers and all the other side effects of doing drugs and alcohol, you will have more energy to engage in other more fun activities. There are so many extracurricular clubs and events taking place in college that you would miss out on if you were always high or drunk.

Figure out which activities you would love to join in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be in college with other like-minded folks. Join several clubs and see how many friends you can easily make that way. 

Also, it will be so much fun to engage in events where you are sober, aware, and conscious of everything that’s going on. These are memories you can store in your mind forever, and you won’t have to wonder what you did last night or with whom. 

Go to Dry Events

Due to the increase in alcohol and drug abuse on college campuses, many college administrators have built many initiatives to reduce this substance abuse. One of them is to hold dry events; that is, they don’t have any alcohol available at all (wet events being ones with alcohol).

Whenever possible, go to dry events, or sit in dry zones where no one around you is drinking. All this will not only reduce or remove temptation from your sight but will also give you the chance to mingle with people who are interested in other things rather being drunk or high through their college life

If You Go to an Event Where Drugs Are Present, Leave Immediately 

It’s inevitable that you will end up at parties or events where drugs will suddenly appear out of nowhere. It’s the way of life in college or university. 

But that doesn’t mean that you need to stick around and be around folks who are high or drunk or both. Whenever you see that drugs have made their presence known at a party or event, leave immediately. 

This will remove you from the sight of drugs and inebriated people, but also, it will ensure you aren’t tempted to try these substances just because you only live once, and why not. 

Constantly Remind Everyone That You Are Drug and Alcohol-Free

People are forgetful. They might believe that you will change your mind once you see everyone having fun getting drunk or high.

That’s why you will have to constantly remind everyone that you are not interested in doing drugs. It’s not something you wish to do or want to do during your college life.

You might end up making some enemies this way, and it will be hard to stick to your conviction when you are losing friends left, right, and center. But if you do, you will have a brighter, more expansive college experience overall. 

If You Feel Pressured by a Group to Do Drugs, Leave That Group

You will, unfortunately, meet certain folks in college who will force you or pressure you (in great measure) to do drugs or binge drink. There are so many drinking games that people take part in that can, in a short period, get you very drunk indeed.

This is even more true because when you first begin drinking. Your tolerance is low, and you don’t know how much you can drink. That is, you don’t know what your limits are yet. 

That’s why you need to be even more careful drinking alcohol when you are a teenager in college. 

If you are in a group of friends where everyone seems to be forcing you or pressuring you to drink and/or do drugs, then it might be time to leave that group altogether.

It’s not nice losing friends, and even worse to lose friends for such a silly reason. But if you stick around with these people, eventually, you won’t be able to deal with the pressure, and you will say yes to drugs or alcohol just to make it all stop. 

Build a Support Network That You Can Speak To

If you feel like you are the only college student whos not drinking or doing drugs, and you wish for some additional support in this regard, consider building a support network of like-minded folks. This could be other college or university students who think like you. Or it could be your parents or caretakers.

And it could even include supervisors, professors, and other administrators in your college. All these older folks have been there and done that. They know what the pressure to drink and do drugs in college is like.

They can help you in dealing with folks who are too aggressive in their agenda to get you inebriated or high. And with giving you advice on how to deal with certain sticky situations. Also, they can be there for you when you just need someone to talk to or to vent to about your college life. 

Report to the University Authorities if Worried About Drug Abuse

This might be the last resort for you because you don’t want college students getting in trouble for drug or alcohol abuse. But if you feel like there are people who are dealing drugs or forcing others to do drugs, and it’s becoming more dangerous as time goes on, then it might be time to report it to the authorities.

It isn’t nice to think of oneself as a snitch, but think about how many college students’ lives you would save if you were able to do this.

Not only that, but if you see someone whose life is spiraling out of control because they are abusing alcohol and drugs, then it might be time to report that to the authorities as well, so they can find some help for this person.

No matter how much you think you can help them on your own, sometimes professional help is what an individual needs. Professional rehab clinics like Sunshine Care Centers can help your college friend get their life back on track so they don’t have to deal with regret forever. 

They have outpatient programs or partial hospitalization programs, depending on how much help is needed. 

College Students and Addiction – It’s a Slippery Slope

College only comes once, and it’s gone before you know it. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of this precious time and not waste it doing drugs and alcohol. 

But it’s so easy to get into alcohol and drug addiction, especially as college students, because it’s so prevalent and accepted. If you feel like you are in a situation where you need professional help with substance addiction, then contact Sunshine Care Centers today. You can inquire about admissions and treatment options.

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