Music Therapy

Music therapy is highly beneficial for reducing stress or anxiety, improving mood, and encouraging self-expression. It’s a well-established and officially approved therapeutic method that is used to treat certain disorders. People will listen, sing, or play instruments during therapy which relaxes a person during complex treatment. In addition, music increases memory processing, regulates emotions, and is a positive distraction, especially during recovery. 

What Is a Music Therapist?

A music therapist assesses cognitive behavior and a person’s emotional and social functioning state of mind. Music therapists need to know various music history, the essentials of musical instruments, and how they can be used to moderate behavior or open someone to expression. These particular therapists will work with many people, including military service members and veterans to help them cope with trauma and people with autism, individuals struggling with a specific illness or chronic pain, and also they can work with substance abusers. 

Music Therapy and Mental Health

Music is an excellent remedy for mental health as it provides a positive distraction while establishing a foundation where triggers and past trauma can be discussed and properly addressed. Typically, music for depression has a wonderful success rate. However, depending on the music, it can regulate emotion or cause a person to act irrationally. Still, there are many accommodating effects of music therapy which include: 

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Offers coping skills 
  • Helps manage pain 
  • Increases motivation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Promotes self-reflection
  • Works as a form of stress management
  • Enhances communication skills 
  • Improves irregular sleeping patterns

Music as therapy is always constructive and opens the mind of patients both emotionally and spiritually. Many may refer to the method as music for psychedelic therapy. However, music therapy is usually completed in a group, and patients are active during the process. Discussing lyrics, singing, dancing, playing instruments, creating music, and more are done while going through music therapy. 

Music Therapy Programs

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