Addiction Treatment

The Benefits of Music Therapy

Have you ever heard anyone say, “music is my therapy,” as they show you a favorite song or insert an earplug? At Sunshine Care Centers, we use unique therapeutic methods to help patients conquer addiction. Music therapy has various benefits, like simply boosting a person’s mood or imposing relaxation on the mind and body. Keep reading to learn more about how music therapy heals!

International Overdose Awareness Day

Overdose rates have skyrocketed, especially since 2021. An estimated 100,306 drug overdose deaths in the twelve months.1 In 2020, there were more than 93,000 reported overdoses in America. Unquestionably, people are turning to prescription and illicit drugs to cope with hardships in life or mental illness…

What Is the Difference Between CBT and DBT?

One of the most common psychotherapy methods is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), also known as talk therapy. CBT focuses on helping individuals get to the root of their problems and change their way of thinking. Negative thoughts impact our overall well-being and how we function in everyday life situations. CBT therapy benefits people struggling with substance abuse disorders that also inflict depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions…

Is EMDR Hypnosis Therapy?

What is EMDR therapy, and how does it work? EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, which are therapeutic methods used to reduce adverse symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other trauma-related instances, as well as substance abuse…

History of Music Therapy

Music therapy is not a new method, and actually, it stems back thousands of years. For instance, Egyptian medical documentation states how music was used to heal the human body. Variations of music are used for therapeutic purposes in many cultures like Arabian, Indian, and Chinese traditions. The history of music therapy is significant since America has adopted music therapy practices and today uses them to treat substance abuse and mental health disorders. Music stimulates different areas in the brain and produces relaxing sensations, and can provide positive reinforcement.

What’s the Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Drug and alcohol treatment is more widely available than you think. It’s essential to choose the proper treatment for your substance use disorder because the outcome of treatment directly affects your chances for success. Many different types of treatment are available, which may be best for specific individuals or situations. Your doctor will work with you to determine what type of treatment is most appropriate.